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London, UK. January 5, 2015

md:ceuticals launches Chinese-language website

Innovation and inclusion are vital to an effective partnership with customers, and understanding this, md:ceuticals has launched a Chinese-language website for the Chinese-speaking community. Our efforts will enhance communications and will improve our ability to reach prospective patients, satisfying their specific needs.

Thanks to its large population and rapid economic development, China has undergone a significant transformation and expansion in its beauty and personal care industry over the past decade. The country’s cosmetics market is worth $26 billion a year, making it the third-biggest in the world.

The rapidly-expanding middle class of Chinese consumers has had a significant impact on spending patterns on beauty and personal care, particularly in the premium segment. The country’s internet boom is also responsible for reshaping the distribution of beauty and personal care products, driving consumption, particularly in the untapped interior of China.

China’s middle class consumers demand a better shopping experience and higher product quality, and these consumers are more brand-conscious and less price sensitive. The md:ceuticals products have been very successful in the Chinese market, especially the md:peel Treatments. These are a wide range of chemical peels that can be adapted to the specific characteristics of Asian skin, and can be combined with home-care complementary products, protecting, nourishing and brightening skin and leading to a flawless complexion, free of imperfections.


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