London, UK. July 2, 2015

Polyhydroxy acids, a new generation of effective antioxidants

The skin is a complex and dynamic organ that is constantly bombarded with environmental trauma including UV radiation and pollution. UV light can cause major and often irreversible changes in the skin including damage to the three layers of skin. In the context of this constantly changing and sometimes harsh environment, the skin must maintain homeostasis and protect a delicate network of biochemical and physiological systems.

However, it is becoming increasingly clear that, over time, the skin’s protective mechanisms can become overwhelmed by the damage caused by UV radiation, resulting in irreversible structural damage, chronic inflammation and, in some cases, photocarcinogenesis.


London, UK. May 20, 2015

md:ceuticals Egypt presents md:complex melanoceuticals on TV show.

md:ceuticals Egypt, with more than a 15-year proven track record in the beauty market, is successfully expanding the brand in the country through innovative skincare solutions adapted to suit specific needs of Egyptian customers.

The Managing Director, Mr. Mohamed Oqba went to an Egyptian popular TV show to present the brand, giving an in-depth presentation on md:ceuticals product line. Mr. Oqba explained how md:ceuticals powerful formulas are concentrated in active ingredients that are proven to penetrate optimally to the different skin layers to act at the cellular level, reversing visible signs of aging.


Beirut, Lebanon. March 30, 2015

md:ceuticals training in Lebanon a success.

Last 28th and 29th of March, md:ceuticals gave a training course for our Lebanon partners. md:ceuticals international trainer conducted two full-day training seminar on md:ceuticals professional treatments (md:peel, md:complex and melan:off Depigmentation Treatment) and home care products.

This 2 day training course included both theoretical knowledge and practical application, using the last techniques and md:ceuticals´ clinical experience to provide therapists with the most effective treatments, protocols and regimens for a healthy skin.