When dealing with dermal pigmentation lessions, one of the biggest chalenges in latin skin phototypes is to avoid HPI secondary effects because of the therapeutic difficulties. All agressive treatments will bring HPI.
Currently, main therapies will use cosmeceuticals with depigmenting agents such us hydroquinone 4%, tranexamic acid, and all range of acids such as azelaic, kojic, mandelic, etc. By using these agents alone, we always come short in response to hyperpgimented lessions, and therefore we use laser QSW ND YAG which can contribute to the improvement to the deepest pigmentations.
Just until very recent that we came across the melan:off as an add-on therapy. We are really happy with the results, even with difficult melasmas. Both professionals and patients are seeing results in one to three sessions of melan:off combined with cosmeceuticals and laser in order to achieve a long-term solution to hyperpgimentation disorders, bringing skin to a healthier skin which translates in better texture, unclogged pores, reduction of superficial wrinkles and full control of the altered pigmented status. Four months after the first treatment, the patient will be the envy of their friends.
md:ceuticals and melan:off have made quality products available with espectacular results.
Hernando Harker. Md. Plastic surgery facial-laser,, Otorhinolaryngologist. Colombia.