10 bad habits that prevent your skin from looking perfect

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Maybe you are wondering why even if you take care of your skin with the best products and beauty treatments, you still have acne, wrinkles or an oily skin. Some of our daily habits prevent us to have the luminous and smooth skin we all desire. But, don’t worry, with this simple guide of the ten worst daily habits for your skin, you will revert your skin condition if you start taking them into account:


  1. Too much exfoliation

Exfoliating yourself is important to eliminate dead cells and clean your skin, so it looks soft and radiant. But doing it very often, and applying a lot of pressure, is not good for your skin because it can cause irritations and overproduction of oil.


  1. Going to sleep without removing your make-up

This step previous sliding into your bed to take some sleep is fundamental to look a bright skin. At night, the temperature of our body and blood pressure rise, which provokes a major absorption in our skin of external factors: toxins, dust, make-up…


  1. Not sleeping enough

Now that we have exfoliated (but not too often) and with our make-up removed, it is time to go to bed. Not sleeping enough hours is one the worst habits for your skin, specially in the eye area. At night, cell renewal is higher so sleeping eight hours is the solution for, not only wrinkles, eye bags and dark circles, but a general healthy skin.


  1. Not hydrating enough

A hydrated skin takes longer to age than a dry skin. And by hydrating we mean with water, not only moisturizers, so add to your daily habits drinking, at least 2 litres of water.


  1. Touching your face and zits

Even if it is very difficult if you already have the habit incorporated naturally, please do not touch your face during the day. Your hand and jewellery accumulate a lot of bacteria and dust, and by touching your face you are applying it directly to it.


  1. Not protecting enough from the sun

Sun is one of the worst enemies of your skin. Not protecting yours with a strong sunscreen every day is one the biggest mistakes you can do to avoid the formation of hyperpigmentation and skin aging.


  1. Smoking or staying around smokers

In addition to its harmful effects on your health, smoking will lead to the aging of your skin and the formation of wrinkles due to the toxins of cigarettes. In fact, one study shows how if you smoke for 10 years, that is translated to 25 of premature aging.


  1. Drinking too much

We are not recommending you to quit alcohol, but drinking more than one drink a day can make your skin suffer a lot. Alcohol increases the level of inflammatory agents in the bloodstream, causing not only wrinkles but a loss of firming in your skin.


  1. Too hot showers

Even if it is one of the most relaxing activities you can do after a long a stressful day, hot baths and showers are not as good for your skin as you would expect. Hot water removes the fat and oils that the skin has and causes dryness.


  1. Be careful with some drinks and food

What we eat can affect our skin the same way drinking water or sleeping can do. Besides junk food, which can make your skin appear duller and more aged, some food has negative effects on your skin. For example, milk can cause the appearance of acne.