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How to upgrade your skincare routine this autumn

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Fall is not just crispy leaves, light jackets, Halloween or Pumpkin Spice Lattes. It is also the time when temperature drops, season changes and also does your skin, which can struggle if you don’t take care of it properly.

Besides having to fight against climate changes and temperature drops, we must not forget where our face (and skin!) comes from. Months of solar exposition, travels and a more relaxed lifestyle from summer.

Some of the problems you experience in the skin department are skin cracking, acne breakouts, redness, irritability and dryness. So, in addition to adding layers to our outfit, we must also add layers and a few steps to our skincare routine.

The first step comes to change your moisturizing cream, switching it up to on more consistent in texture and ingredients. Although for the summer months we prefer a more light-textured one, in autumn we must chose one with ingredients such as Vitamin C or Hyaluronic acid, like X:treme Skin Renewal.

As skin may start peel, it is important to do a mild exfoliation twice a week. Besides some exfoliating products, you can also try some soft chemicals peels two or three times a week. md:prepeel Beta&AHAs Complex 8% (with salicylic, lactic, glycolic and hyaluronic acid) or md:prepeel AHAs Complex 15% (with salicylic, lactic, glycolic, hyaluronic citric and other acid and ingredients) are good options.

If you stopped using serums or skin boosters during summer, fall is the perfect time to include them back to your skin care routine. md:cocktail SkinBooster Antiage Peptides – GF, for example, combines a high concentration of Biomimetic Peptides and Growth Factors with the most powerful revitalising, regenerating, antioxidant and anti-ageing ingredients.

Some last but no less important tips. Even in autumn, the sun doesn’t rest. Protect your skin with 3D Moisturizing Sunscreen Protection or other SPF +50 sunscreen. And don’t forget that your hands suffer the same fate as your face: protect them with the hand moisturizer that suits you more!