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The definitive skincare routine for your 60s & up

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The older we turn, especially after sixty or seventy years, our skin drastically changes. Cell turnover drastically slows down, causing mottled pigmentation and dark spots to appear.


In addition, active epidermis loses hydration and becomes thinner and more flaccid. Flattening of the dermo-epidermal junction decreases the transfer of nutrients from the dermis to the epidermis, losing the skin its elasticity.


Dermis thins, weakens, and loses its viscoelastic properties, becoming wrinkled, lax, and fragile. For these reasons, both to protect your skin and to slow down ageing and correct small flaws, it is very important to take care of your skin after 60.


We would like to help you with the following tips and products:


  1. Wash and cleanse your face twice a day

With age, it is very important to keep the skin clean of impurities to prevent external factors from accelerating the aging process. To do this, we suggest the use of md:ultrasense cleanser, a moisturizing, antioxidant, and regenerating milky facial cleanser. And tone the skin with md:multiactive firming toner, to remove open pores leading to a clear and firm skin complexion.


  1. Keep your face moisturized and hydrated

Give your skin the nutrition it needs, so use the best products to moisturize and hydrate it. PHA:10Xvit Bionic Super Antioxidant Solution contains a powerful blend of Polyhydroxy bionic acids and multivitamin complex A+E. This formula effectively stimulates the skin’s defence mechanisms.


  1. Protect your skin from the sun

Sun damage is one of the worst enemies of your skin. Try to avoid it as much as possible, wearing hats, umbrellas or using a powerful SPF 50 sunscreen. We recommend using 3D Moisturizing Sunscreen Protection SPF50.


  1. Go one step further with your beauty treatments

Yes, it is finally time to try and trust Mimetic Peptides and Growth Factors. With age, the natural peptides lose their effectiveness, and the skin starts to look older, appearing classic visible signs of aging including thinner skin, fine and deep wrinkles, sagging, flaccidity and blemishes. Biomimetic Peptides and Growth Factors replicate the biological conditions that are found in younger and healthier skin, resulting in more effective and efficient results.

Give them a try and see their results with md:complexGenX Mimetic Peptides & Growth Factors and md:complexGenX Eye Contour.


  1. Combine your favourite treatments

To effectively fight skin ageing, it may be time to consider some protocols combining different skin treatments, prescribed by your dermatologist. md:complex Antiage Intensive promotes global action on different levels to slow down the skin aging process. It helps to rebuild cutaneous hydration and cell vitality, resulting in a more radiant, supple, and elasticized skin. You can use it along with md:complex Firming-Regen, which helps protect the integrity of the skin matrix, the source of skin firmness, providing youth-restoring, volume, and lift.

Combine your md:complex treatment with series of a powerful peels like md:peel pyruvic 40% + lactic 10% to enhance and prolong the results. It will lead to massive production of collagen and elastin, producing a true dermal remodelling.


  1. Watch out with hyperpigmentation

Dark spots and hyperpigmentation, in general, are some of the biggest symptoms of age. Md:Tranex Retipeel is a deep firming, anti-age, and whitening treatment, specially formulated for skins with hyperpigmentation and severe photo ageing. This two-step peel, formulated with Retinol and Tranexamic acid, dramatically reduces wrinkles, refines skin texture, and lightens skin tone.


  1. Always repair and protect your skin after a treatment

md:cocktail Post-Treatment Skin Recovery delivers a combination of repairing, regenerating, replenishing, and highly moisturizing active ingredients that are needed to accelerate the healing of compromised skin. To enhance the cell renewal process and restructure the water-lipid layer, recovering optimum hydration, smoothness, and elasticity levels.

We also suggest the use of X:treme Skin Renewal. Formulated with Vegetable Stem Cells and Epidermal Growth Factors, this cream activates the mechanism of cell self-repair, protecting cells´ life and repairing the skin from inside.