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The unknown benefits of md:cocktail SkinBooster Anti-Pollution Defence

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Surely you already know about the ampoules md:cocktail SkinBooster Anti-Pollution Defence from md:ceuticals, and their power to protect the skin from external aggressors and blue light.


But, do you know about all the additional benefits they provide to your skin?


md:cocktail SkinBooster Anti-Pollution Defence ampoules are one of the most versatile and complete products from the md:cocktail line, with a powerful combination of repairing, antioxidant, whitening, anti-ageing and regenerating ingredients that prevent and correct the main signs of skin ageing.


Check its other beneficial effects:


  • Hyperpigmentation reduction: md:cocktail SkinBooster Anti-Pollution Defence provides a whitening effect and helps reduce hyperpigmentation thanks to ingredients such as Ethyl Ascorbic acid, Gluthatione or Niacinamide.


  • Antioxidant and moisturizing: thanks to Ethyl Ascorbic acid, Gluthatione, Saccharide Isomerate, Niacimide or Vitamin E and C, these ampoules reduce oxidative stress, regenerating dermal cells and strengthening their defences. Also, Citric acid promotes the production of dermal Hyaluronic acid, increasing skin hydration.


  • Collagen & elastin production: Ascorbic acid, Niacimide, Tocopheryl Acetate and Vitis Vinifera Grape Leaf Extract are elements that stimulate the synthesis of new collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans, essential for the maintenance of skin network, elasticity and flexibility, removing fine lines, wrinkles and skin dryness. Thus, md:cocktail SkinBooster Anti-Pollution Defence regenerates, restructures and remodels the skin.


  • Anti-inflammatory properties: md:cocktail SkinBooster Anti-Pollution Defence is also very useful to fight rosacea. Ingredients such as Niacinamide fights redness and irritation. Other ingredients such as Citric acid also strengthen blood vessels, increasing microcirculation and helping reduce couperose effects.


  • Acne treatment: Niacinamide promotes a clear skin complexion thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and its capacity to reduce sebum production, minimizing pore size and improving skin texture. Vitis Vinifera Grape Leaf Extract is also a powerful wound healer, while Glycerin treats many oily skin problems such as acne, skin infections, wrinkles and fine lines.


  • Illuminates the skin: Its elements accelerate epidermal exfoliation, increasing skin brightness and softness. For example, Ascorbic and Citric acids bring light and vitality to the skin, providing, immediately, a glowing and healthy look.


After learning about all these lesser-known benefits of the md:cocktail SkinBooster Anti-Pollution Defence ampoules, are you ready to give them a try and revolutionize your skincare routine?