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How to stay hydrated during the warm summer months?

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Aww, summer… Long walks alongside the sea, hours spent at the beach or the swimming pool, outdoor sports… It seems like our “to-do” list of activities under the sun increases during the warm days of summer.


But besides all of these funny activities, summer also brings heat waves, with the dangerous effects they have on our body and skin. The key to staying safe this summer? Staying hydrated. The key to staying hydrated? Find the answer in the following tips:


  1. Drink A LOT of water

Yes, it may seem obvious, but it’s extremely important to increase your daily consumption of water during these summer months. To remind you to drink water, carry a 2L bottle with you during the day and program some “drinking-breaks”.


  1. Control how much you sweat

With sweat, your body regulates its temperature in relation with the exterior. During the hot months of summer, our body increases its sweat production, which finally results into losing a lot of fluids and dehydration.


  1. Avoid alcohol

Even if a cold cocktail or a beer may sound the perfect plan for a hot afternoon, drinking alcohol during a heat wave can be the cause of severe dehydration. If you drink alcohol, do it with moderation and drink water to compensate the liquid loss.


  1. Eat foods that have a high-water content

Certain fruits and vegetables are ideal for this, for example grape fruit, cucumber or watermelon. These healthy and tasty foods will help you stay hydrated.