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Feel comfortable in your intimate area with md:peel IntimateWhite

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Genital hyperpigmentation has a multifactorial origin, closely related to ageing and other triggering factors.

These factors include genetic predisposition, hormonal fluctuations (increase in testosterone and oestrogens), sun exposure, friction, lack of ventilation, frequent hair removal and many others, which may all cause darkening of the intimate area due to constant heat, inflammation, and irritation.

Although genital hyperpigmentation is a harmless condition and does not involve any impact on the functional wellbeing of the patient, it can significantly affect the quality of life and self-esteem of those affected.

md:ceuticals, in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of expert gynecologists and dermatologists, has developed md:peel IntimateWhite, a non-invasive peel specifically designed to rejuvenate the sensitive intimate areas, helping patients to feel comfortable in their own skin.

If you feel uncomfortable with your intimate areas, try md:peel IntimateWhite now, and provide your genital area with a visible whitening and lifting effect.