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Maskne: the perfect skincare routine to stop acne breakouts

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Corona has changed many aspects of our lives, but surely the beauty routine was not part of our plans. In addition to hairdressers or manicures and pedicures, one of its greatest effects has been in our skin-care routine.


The coronavirus has come into our lives this year and, with it, masks. This sanitary material, introduced into our daily routine to protect ourselves and others, forces us to cover the lower third or half of our face, leading to the appearance of an unexpected phenomenon: the maskne.


This term is used to define the appearance of acne caused by wearing a mask on a daily basis. The maskne appears due to the friction of the mask with the skin, which can trigger inflammation and irritation, leading to breakouts. In addition, the mix of sweat and humidity in that covered area also increases inflammation, sebum production, and bacterial proliferation. This dirty combination also clogs our pores.


No one is safe from suffering from it, neither men nor women nor different age groups. And it also does not discriminate against the type of mask you wear, surgical, cloth, or paper. What you can do to avoid its appearance is to make changes in your skincare routine to prevent the appearance of acne and counteract its effects. And we can help you with that, with this list of the best skin-care products and treatments to treat and prevent maskne:


Daily skincare routine:

md:ultrasense cleanser

Deep facial cleansing with the right products is essential. md:ultrasense cleanser is a moisturizing, antioxidant, and regenerating milky facial cleanser. It protects skin against stressing factors, giving back its luminosity. It gently cleans the skin, removing all traces of make-up and impurities, while respecting the skin’s natural balance. Its protective, repairing and hydrating action maintain skin in perfect conditions of softness, firmness, and luminosity. It enhances the efficacy of the following treatments.


md:prepeel Beta & AHAs complex

After deeply cleansing the face, we must treat it with m:prepeel Beta & AHAs Complex 8%. This chemical peel, safe to use at home, combines Beta & Alfa acids such as Salicylic, Lactic, and Glycolic with the antioxidant and moisturizing power of the Hyaluronic acid to cause gradual skin exfoliation. It results in a healthier, brighter, and younger skin complexion, free of imperfections, comedones, and pores.


Bionic:skinClear Acne & Scar Eraser

There is no anti-acne treatment without Bionic:skinClear Acne & Scar Eraser. This product counteracts all acne factors and promotes a clear complexion, helping prevent future breakouts. It clears congested pores, neutralizes bacteria, and reduces redness and inflammation, dramatically minimizing scar texture and restoring normal skin color.


Every two months:

md:peel azelaic 17% + salicylic 20%

Periodically, let us say, every four or five weeks, we highly recommend doing a cabin treatment with your doctor for a better result and to enhance the anti-acne treatment. We propose you to do a combination of the md:peel azelaic 17% + salicylic 20% with md:complex SkinClear.

Azelaic acid is a naturally occurring dicarboxylic acid with powerful bacteriostatic, comedolytic, anti-inflammatory, depigmentation, and antioxidant properties, leading to flawless skin free of imperfections caused by the different manifestations of acne and hyperpigmentation.


md:complex SkinClear

md:complex SkinClear combines the most effective ingredients to target all acne critical factors, including comedones, bacteria, inflammation, and unclogging pores.  Promoting a clear and even skin complexion while preventing future breakouts.