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Pamper your skin after Christmas excesses with md:ceuticals

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Two weeks after the start of 2021, we continue to recover from the excesses of the Christmas holidays. Food, drink, multiple encounters, and frantic activity, always respecting the social distancing rules and health and safety measures, of course.


It is time to put into practice the good intentions and resolutions that we all set ourselves at the beginning of every year: lose weight, eat healthily, spend more time with the family, organise our work better and be more efficient… If you couldn’t achieve all of these last year, don’t be hard on yourself, remember that we are living through a pandemic, and that can take most of the blame!


Being more realistic this year, we think it’s best to begin by going one step at a time and tackling the issues in our lives without stressing too much if we fail. One of the most achievable steps with assured results is to improve our skincare. It is very easy to look flawless and feel beautiful, and md:ceuticals would like to help you achieve this.


The first step towards this goal is clear: caring for and nourishing your skin, helping it to recover from the excesses of Christmas and its celebrations. In just two simple treatments, you can reverse the effects of food, stress and temperature on your skin.


All the extra fat that we ingest during copious Christmas meals and party food shows on our skin: it becomes oilier, with open pores, among other effects. You must eliminate the toxins and oxygenate the skin, and there is no better product for this than md: prepeel Beta & AHAs Complex 8%.


This chemical peel combines the effects of a blend of Beta and Alpha Hydroxy acids, such as Salicylic, Lactic and Glycolic acid, with the antioxidant and moisturising power of the Hyaluronic acid. The treatment causes gradual skin exfoliation, enhancing the effects of later in-office peel and other facial treatments, revealing a healthier, brighter and younger skin complexion, free of imperfections, comedones and pores.


Temperature also plays an important role in the quality and condition of your skin. Extreme temperature changes between the exterior and the interior of your home, restaurants or shops negatively affect your skin. To protect the largest organ you have – your skin – it is essential to hydrate both your face and your body.


The best in-house treatments to ensure optimum hydration are the daily use of md:cocktail Post-Treatment Skin Recovery and X:treme Skin Renewal.


The super concentrated ampoules calm the skin and reduce skin sensitivity, inflammation and redness, bringing an instant feeling of relief. They re-hydrate and regenerate stressed skin, repair DNA and stimulate collagen production, preventing wrinkles and fine lines and restoring the skin’s youthful appearance.


X:treme Skin Renewal, thanks to its innovative formulation with antioxidant, moisturising and restructuring active principles, provides a vital ultra-repairing power, that reactivates cellular activity and restores lipids from the hydro lipidic mantle, giving high levels of hydration, nourishment and firmness.


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