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The stratum corneum, the uppermost layer of the skin, acts as an effective physical barrier, protecting the skin against the perils of the environment, UV radiation, pollution, infection, toxic chemicals, and mechanical damage. This skin barrier prevents excessive water loss from the body, helps to maintain electrolyte balance and is involved in some metabolic processes that are related to the immune system.


The stratum corneum consists of flattened corneocytes, surrounded by multilamellar lipid membranes which are composed of cholesterol, free fatty acids and ceramides. Skin lipids play a key role in maintaining and repairing a strengthened skin barrier, that locks in moisture and protects against harmful stressors, resulting in healthy and youthful looking skin.


As we age, the skin´s lipid production declines, and visible signs of skin ageing, such as dryness, wrinkles, rough complexion and lack of luminosity can appear. Lipid depletion compromises the efficacy of the barrier function, allowing the stressors to cause damage, leading to dull and weak skin.


To accelerate the skin´s recovery, it is essential to replenish the lipids that are already found within the skin, keeping it hydrated, protected and strong. Building up this surface layer is the key to repairing the skin and reducing skin sensitivity for the long term.


CFC:9 Multi-lipid Replenishment (2% ceramides + 3% Fatty acids + 4% Cholesterol) is a skin-identical lipid concentrate that mimics the structure of the skin barrier, rebuilding the stratum corneum architecture.


It helps restore the skin’s protective barrier structure by filling gaps in the lipid bilayer with skin-identical ceramides, cholesterol and free fatty acids. Topical application reinforces the natural lipid barrier of dry, sensitive or ageing skin against moisture loss and external challenges, restoring youthful vitality and promoting a luminous, dewy complexion that glows from within.


Some of the most effective treatments (depigmentation treatments, chemical peels, retinol…) can lead to skin barrier disruption, with some associated side effects, such as mild irritation, redness, skin sensitivity, and erythema.


CFC:9 Multi-lipid Replenishment has the power to replenish and restore the structure of skin lipids, accelerating the skin’s recovery, moisturisation and protection. An application is indispensable after any professional depigmentation treatment, peel or laser… any time the skin needs help to recover its hydration level, elasticity and smoothness.


Ceramide 3 + Olive Glycerides + Cholesterol + Helianthus annus (sunflower) seed oil + Persea Gratissima (avocado) oil + Tocopheryl acetate + Glycerin + Tocopherol + Ascorbic acid + Ascorbyl palmitate + Citric acid



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