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Ultra rich formula that tones, decongests, calms, moisturizes and refines the skin, minimizing pore size.


Facial toner with high concentration of decongestive, antioxidant and regenerating active principles. It removes any remaining traces of make up, skin impurities and excess of oil, while reducing the pore size and refining surface texture, leaving the skin fresh and toned. It accelerates cellular turnover, preparing the skin for a better absorption of following creams and treatments.


Hammamelis and Aloe Vera promote decongestive, calming and anti inflammatory action, repairing skin micro lesions, smoothing and moisturising the skin.


Humectant and emollient ingredients, such as Glycerine and Sodium PCA maintain skin in perfect conditions of hydration and smoothness, restoring hydrolipidic film and avoiding water loss. Sodium PCA is an essential component of the Natural Moisturising Factor in the skin, acting as a natural skin moisture reserve.


md:multiactive firming toner also contains moisturising, antioxidant and DNA repairing actives, such as Niacinamide, Allantoin and Lactic Acid that stimulate cell renewal and collagen production, providing to the skin with hydration, softness and firmness. They reduce sebum production, minimising pore size.


Niacinamide + Allantoin + Lactic acid + Aloe vera + Hamamelis + Glycerin + Sodium PCA


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