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Advanced smart peel for hyper pigmentation and severe photo ageing.


md:Tranex Retipeel provides a unique formulation combining Tranexamic acid and Retinol with the most powerful antiage and depigmentation active principles (Retinyl propionate + Ascorbyl Glucoside + Niacinamide + Citric acid + Tartaric acid + Chamomilla recutita flower extract + Willow herb + Bacillus Ferment) to remove all kind of melanic hyper pigmentation and effectively treat severe photo aging, acne scars and stretch marks.


This multifunctional peel activates cellular mechanisms to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin, dramatically reducing wrinkles, refining skin texture and lightening skin tone.


md:Tranex Retipeel enhances cell turnover, regulates sebum production and stimulates fibroblast activity, improving skin texture and structure and providing a lifting effect.


With a powerful mechanism specifically designed to act on the origins of skin ageing, it effectively neutralises free radicals, restoring skin brightness and protecting the skin from external damage. md:Tranex Retipeel actually works at a deep cellular level, influencing the action of receptors and sensors.


md:Tranex Retipeel depigmentation ingredients powered by Retinol block the different stages involved in the melanogenesis process, impeding melanin formation and the appearance of skin hyperpigmentation. It accelerates epidermal renewal, removing previously-formed blemishes and leading to a bright, smooth and even tone.


Each ingredient has its unique way of intervening in enzymatic processes, to effectively block the synthesis of melanin and its transfer to the surface of the skin, avoiding the neo-production of hyperpigmentation.


md:Tranex Retipeel includes in the formulation Tranexamic acid, the most effective ingredient to fight all kind of hyperpigmentation.


Tranexamic acid inhibits melanin synthesis, blocking the interaction of melanocytes and keratinocytes by inhibition of the plasminogen/plasmin system, and also prevents ultraviolet ray induced pigmentation. It is the only ingredient that can actually reduce the chance of melasma recurrence.


This smart 2-step peel is the perfect complement to md:complex melanoceuticals, delivering amazing results in very few sessions.


Tranexamic acid + Retinol + Retinyl propionate + Ascorbyl Glucoside + Niacinamide + Citric acid + Tartaric acid + Chamomilla recutita flower extract + Willow herb + Bacillus Ferment


    Anti-Ageing Treatments, Depigmentation Treatments, Md Peel Treatment

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