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Moisturizing, antioxidant and regenerating milky facial cleanser. It protects skin against stressing factors, giving back its luminosity.


md:ultrasense cleanser gently cleans the skin, removing all traces of make up and impurities, while respecting skin’s natural balance. Its protective, repairing and hydrating action maintains skin in perfect conditions of softness, firmness and luminosity. It enhances efficacy of following treatments.


Formula contains powerful biological antioxidants, such as Alpha Tocopheryl, that increases collagen levels avoiding tissue degeneration and protecting skin against external aggressions by neutralising free radicals responsible for the cellular deterioration. Skin hydration levels are restored, showing the skin radiant, clean and healthy.


Jojoba oil deeply penetrates on skin, directly fighting skin ageing. It maintains skin hydration and elasticity, regulates sebum production and prevents from wrinkle appearance. Its composition is rich in Ceramides that cover epidermal cells regulating its hydration. It also contains Vitamin E that blocks free radicals responsible for premature ageing and Linoleic Acid, essential for suitable skin regeneration.


Alpha Tocopheryl + Jojoba oil


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