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About This Project

97% effective in the elimination of all kind of hyperpigmentation of melanic origin.


melan:off pack 1+2 is a topical whitening procedure for the elimination and reduction of all kinds of hyperpigmentation of melanic origin, in a quick, safe and effective way, increasing skin luminosity, even skin tone and giving back to the skin its softness and elasticity.


In order to get maximum efficacy, it acts inhibiting the melanogenesis process through a concentrated formula that combines different whitening actives blocking the different stages in melanin production. Its exfoliating effect accelerates cell renewal process and produces epidermal desquamation, eliminating melanin located in the kerationocytes and lightening the skin tone. It is adapted to suit all skin phototypes.


melan:off pack 1+2 includes in Doctor´s office treatment and follow on treatment to be applied at home, specifically designed to achieve long lasting results with maximum efficacy.


Composition of melan:off pack 1+2:

1. melan:off whitening peel (15ml): skin preparation, exfoliating and whitening action (pre-treatment in Doctor’s office).

2. melan:off intensive mask (10g): intensive depigmentation action (treatment in Doctor’s office).


Azelaic acid + Salicylic acid + Kojic acid + 4-Buthylresorcinol + Rumex extract + Ascorbic acid + Alpha Arbutine + Nonapeptide-1 + Aminoethylphospinic acid + Niacinamide + Tocopheryl acetate + DMAE + Retinyl Palmitate + Tetrahydropiperine + Bisabolol + Allantoin + Glycine + Aloe Barbadensis + Rosemary oil extract


    Depigmentation Treatment, Depigmentation Treatments

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