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The optimal skincare routine at your 30s

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At the age of twenty, our priority in terms of beauty is to prevent aging. Therefore, we must above all avoid sun exposure to prevent future wrinkles and keep the skin well clean, hydrated, moisturized, and exfoliated.

Upon reaching our thirties, however, this is no longer enough. We begin to find the first marked wrinkles and the skin begins to lose flexibility and luminosity. It is time to jump into action and fight the first signs of aging head-on!


  1. Wash and cleanse your face twice a day, but now really

As we proposed in our last article, it is extremely important that you keep your face clean. So cleansing it at night and in the morning is a must! Removing all traces of make-up and everyday pollutants is very important, as well as removing the number of dead cells we accumulate on the face during the night. To do this, we suggest the use of md:ultrasense cleanser, a moisturizing, antioxidant and regenerating milky facial cleanser. And tone the skin with md:multiactive firming toner, to remove open pores leading to a clear and firm skin complexion.


  1. Use an everyday moisturizing cream

As with the facial cleanser, it is very important to hydrate your skin morning and night. Keeping the skin hydrated is one of the musts to avoid and fight against aging, even if your skin has a tendency to be oily. As an addition this time, we recommend hydrating the neck area as well. As in the previous article, we suggest the use of X:treme Skin Renewal. Formulated with Vegetable Stem Cells and Epidermal Growth Factors, this cream activates the mechanism of cell self-repair, protecting cells´ life and repairing the skin from inside.


  1. Watch out for the eye area!

Although in our twenties the eyes are not one of the areas of greatest concern, in our thirties it already begins to become a danger zone for your appearance. This super-sensitive area will show your age or bad habits with a simpler look, so keeping it careful is essential. Our secret for a radiant look? Phytic:antiox Eye Contour. It has been specifically formulated to treat the delicate eye contour area thanks to high-performance nanotechnology. It erases wrinkles, eye bags and dark circles.


  1. Welcome serums into your skincare routine

In order to fight against photoaging, when you turn 30 it is very important to introduce different serums into your skincare routine. Using different active ingredients in your daily routine can bring you great benefits and be your ally when it comes to ending aging. Some of our recommendations may be the highly-concentrated md:cocktail SkinBooster ampoules.


  1. First beauty treatment with your doctor

At this point, one must wonder if, with your daily beauty routine, you will have enough to combat the signs of aging. And the answer is that a little help from our doctor friend never hurts. To combat aging, md:ceuticals has a wide range of chemical peels from the md:peel line, as well as mesotherapy solutions with md:complex. For your thirties, we suggest:

  • Some gentle peels such as md:peel mandelic or md:peel Modified Jessner are the perfect solution to enhance the cell renewal process, leading to flawless skin with a better texture, glow and even tone


  • The thirties is the perfect age to start with preventing and illuminating mesotherapy treatments to delay the skin aging process, revealing a radiant and smooth skin complexion. The treatment md:complex NCT-Hyal Revitalizing delivers minerals, amino-acids, vitamins, antioxidants and micro-nutrients directly into the skin to nourish, rejuvenate, and revive the skin; increase skin elasticity by promoting collagen production and stimulate cell metabolism


  1. And, finally, do not forget the sun impact on your skin

Sun is the greatest enemy of aging according to dermatologists and experts. For this reason, we recommend using sunscreen with SPF 50+ on the face, neck and hands daily. Especially, if you have recently undergone any aesthetic treatment. 3D Moisturizing Sunscreen Protection SPF50 gives a complete sunscreen effect, fighting against harmful radiation for all skin types. It helps prevent photo-ageing, sun damage, hyperpigmentation and sunburn.