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Which is the perfect acid for me?

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There are a so many acids in the market that it can be tricky to choose the one perfect for your skin. Your skin type and condition are very determinant when it is time to choose the perfect chemical peel to use.


Despite the variety of options, it is important to emphasize that, whatever the treatment you apply to yourself, you will always obtain benefits. So, even if you chose the “wrong” one, it will still most likely help you with your issues. Because the aim of every chemical peel is to accelerate skin exfoliation, shedding damaged cells from the uppermost layers of the skin. Doing so, it promotes a new layer of skin that is more youthful, refined, luminous with fewer wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.


But choosing the right one adapted to your specific skin´s needs, will take your skin to the next level: a beautiful, radiant, and clear complexion.


How can you find the most suitable peel for your skin? Read below and discover the specific benefits of each acid, that best fits your skin.


Salicylic acid is indicated to treat moderate and medium acne, as well as sensitive skins with and oily tendency. This treatment counteracts all factors regarding acne (comedones, bacteria and inflammation) thanks to its keratolytic, bactericidal, astringent and fungicidal properties.


Glycolic peel are classical peels that prepare the skin before getting a stronger peel and improve the general appearance of the skin. They can also be used before a body treatment, to prep the skin before a cellulite or localized fat treatment, as well as a treatment for the stretch marks.


Mandelic acid is recommended to eradicate hyperpigmentation. It is indicated specially for sensitive skin or dark phototypes. Its whitening properties makes this peeling a tyrosinase inhibitor and it can also be beneficial for acne treatment.


Modified Jessner is a peel composed of salicylic, lactic and citric acids. It is recommended for sensitive and dark skin prototypes with fine lines and moderate wrinkles. It has great antioxidant benefits which improve skin luminosity and texture. It is the perfect treatment to prepare your skin for an event because it gives you an immediate glowing effect.


There are other combinations of acids that improve your skin health and enhance the results of the treatment. one of these combined peels is azelaic and salicylic, suggested for skin with visible signs of photo-ageing. It treats moderate to severe acne, with scars, as well as moderate to severe hyperpigmentation. This peel is not recommended for sensitive skin.


Another effective combination is the one with pyruvic and lactic acids.  This strong treatment is recommended for severe hyperpigmentation and scars, as well as for severe photo-ageing (with deep wrinkles, scarring and rough skin). It also leads to a true dermal remodelling, helping with skin firming. It is not suitable for sensible skin and light phototypes.