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Do you need a change in your skin, but you want to do it from home?

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Do you feel you need a softer, smoother or renovated skin without leaving your home? It’s time to try the super-concentrated ampoules: md:cocktailSkinBooster.


With a powerful combination of antioxidant, anti-ageing and regenerating ingredients, they visibly restore the skin’s youthfulness, smooth wrinkles, clear skin tone and regenerate dermal cells, keeping the skin supple and naturally glowing. md:cocktailSkinBooster super-concentrated solutions help recover skin brightness while providing powerful defence against environmental aggressors.


These supercharged topical cocktails are contained within sterile glass ampoules, providing optimal dosing of the ingredients and guaranteeing its efficacy and stability. With a fluid and oil-free texture, it is absorbed rapidly without leaving a greasy feeling on the skin, making it ideal for all skin types.


They can be used in combination with aesthetical and dermatological procedures to meet the needs of skin prior to, during, and after treatments, in order to help manage and ease the recovery process and to enhance and maintain aesthetic improvement.


This product line offers different solutions to your skin problems and needs. If you are focused on reverse ageing and oxidation, md:cocktailSkinBooster Antiage Peptides – GF is your treatment. These ampoules combine a high concentration of biomimetic peptides and growth factors with the most powerful revitalising, regenerating, antioxidant and anti-ageing ingredients for an immediate effect.


It is possible you want to repair and regenerate your skin after a chemical procedure to protect it and enhance the results. In that case, use on a daily basis md:cocktailPost-Treatment Skin Recovery, which delivers a combination of repairing, regenerating, replenishing and highly moisturising active ingredients that are needed to accelerate the healing of compromised skin.


Finally, if your intention is to protect your skin and counter the impact of pollution and external damage, you have to use md:cocktailSkinBooster Anti-Pollution Defence. This cocktail contains a combination of powerful antioxidant, protective, repairing and regenerating ingredients. Acting synergistically, they stimulate the natural skin cells’ repair mechanisms, shielding the skin from free radicals and external aggressors, to preserve a smooth, even and glowing complexion.