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About This Project

Melanogenesis is a complex biochemical process that depends on different exogenous and endogenous factors which leads to an over production of melanin in localized areas unleashing the appearance of unsightly blemishes.


Melasma is a common disorder of pigmentation, predominantly affecting women, characterized by the development of hyperpigmented tan, brown or grey patches often symmetrically distributed in various areas of the face (centrofacial, malar, mandibular and forehead).


The treatment of hyperpigmented lesions, like melasma, is one of the biggest challenges to health care professionals and requires treatment with a number of chemical substances which are capable of blocking the formation of melanin, and smoothly exfoliating the skin.


Pioneer in the use of Tranexamic acid, md:ceuticals offers the most effective solutions to block the formation of hyperpigmentation. Our products combine high concentrations of whitening, exfoliating, antioxidant and brightening active principles, acting in the different stages of melanogenesis process, blocking the appearance of cutaneous hyperpigmentations while maintaining the integrity of the skin.


Each ingredient has its unique way of intervening in enzymatic processes, to effectively block the synthesis of melanin and its transfer to the surface of the skin, avoiding the neo-production of hyperpigmentation.


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