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md:cocktail RosalacSens Neutralizer

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Rosacea is a common chronic inflammatory skin condition characterised by erythema, inflammatory papules or pustules, telangiectasia, redness, oedema, hyperplasia of the connective tissue or a combination of these symptoms. Patients with rosacea suffer from facial flushing, stinging, irritation, pain or burning sensations.


md:cocktail RosalacSens Neutralizer has been designed to restore the functional integrity of the skin´s barrier, reduce facial redness, diminish inflammation, strengthen the skin´s own immune system and suppress the formation or activity of reactive oxygen species (ROS). It restores the skin´s balance by limiting the dilation of blood vessels and inflammation, reducing skin sensitivity, and offsetting dryness.


With great anti-reddening, anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients, md:cocktail RosalacSens Neutralizer reinforces the walls of the skin capillaries to reduce rosacea flare ups, calming the skin and preventing further irritation. It prevents the formation of telangiectasia, increases the elasticity of the blood vessels and minimises facial redness, erythema and dryness, soothing rough and scaly skin.


md:cocktail RosalacSens Neutralizer strengthens the skin´s barrier function and replenishes the skin´s lipids and hyaluronic acid level, mitigating dryness and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It helps brighten skin tone and supports collagen production for plumper, smoother and more refined skin.


With powerful antioxidant agents, md:cocktail RosalacSens Neutralizer boosts the skin’s self-defence and repair mechanisms, reducing the negative impact of external pollutants and improving the skin’s ability to fight back. It calms skin sensitivity, boosting the skin’s comfort and well-being, by stimulating the release of β-endorphins.


These supercharged cocktails are contained within sterile glass ampoules, providing optimal design of the ingredients and guaranteeing its efficacy and stability. With a fluid and oil-free texture, it is absorbed rapidly without leaving a greasy feeling on the skin, making it ideal for normal to oily skin. Taking care of the skin on a daily basis is the secret to maintaining it health and beauty.



– With anti-reddening, decongestant and soothing ingredients, it reinforces the walls of the blood vessels, modulates vessel motricity and reduce perivascular oedema and capillary fragility. It prevents the formation of telangiectasia and increases the elasticity of the blood vessels, minimizing redness and irritation

– Restores skin´s barrier function, softening and restoring elasticity and providing high levels of skin hydration. It helps to mitigate dryness and reduce symptoms of skin sensitivity and irritation

– Boosts skin self-defence and repair mechanisms, providing extreme cellular protection against stressful environmental factors

– Combat the effects of environmental triggers that can lead to the appearance of redness and flushing, as well burning and discomfort

– Thanks to its great anti-inflammatory properties, it prevents the inflammatory cascade that causes visible rosacea symptoms, reducing flushing, redness and irritation

– Increases the synthesis of collagen, revealing a softer, plumper, smoother and even skin

– Calms skin sensitivity, boosting the skin comfort and well-being, by the stimulation of the release of β-endorphins (pleasure molecules)


Niacinamide + Ectoin + Biosaccharide gum-2 + Lactobionic acid + Ferulic acid + Panthenol + Inositol + Citric acid

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