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Skin ageing is a complex biological dynamic process determined by intrinsic (genetically programmed ageing) and extrinsic (environmental) factors, characterised by a progressive degeneration of the skin tissue as well as by a variety of attendant visible structural changes in the skin surface. The skin becomes wrinkled, irregular and dehydrated, decreasing its firmness and elasticity.


Histological and clinical changes appear in the different layers of skin, including thinning of the epidermis, flattening of the dermoepidermal junction, disorganised and fragmented collagen fibrils in the dermis, and replacement of normal collagen in the dermis with amorphous elastin material.


To achieve more global rejuvenation, md:ceuticals has developed md:complex treatments composed of a blend of antiageing, antioxidant, protective, firming, revitalising, moisturising, repairing and regenerating ingredients that effectively target different components of skin ageing, addressing all affected skin layers in a multidimensional approach.

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    Anti-redness, anti-inflammatory and anti-sensitivity cocktail

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