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md:TranexTM Retipeel Whitening cream

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Melasma is a common disorder of pigmentation, predominantly affecting women, characterized by the development of hyperpigmented tan, brown or grey patches often symmetrically distributed in various areas of the face (centrofacial, malar, mandibular and forehead). The main cause is exposure to UV radiations, but there are also other multiple factors involved, including hormonal factors, genetic predisposition, pregnancy, hypofisiary disorders, photosensitizing medication, certain cosmetics, vitamin D deficiency…etc.


These pigmentary disorders often have a severe psychological impact on patient quality of life, causing great emotional stress. The treatment of hyperpigmented lesions, like melasma, is one of the biggest challenges to health care professionals and requires treatment with a number of chemical substances which are capable of blocking the formation of melanin, and smoothly exfoliating the skin.


md:Tranex Retipeel Whitening cream helps to remove and prevent all types of hyperpigmentation, even the most difficult-to treat ones (melasma, age spots, Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation and vascular pigmentation), minimising the chance of recurrence. With an excellent safety profile, it blocks the synthesis of melanin and its transfer to the surface of the skin, avoiding the neo-production of hyperpigmentation, and evening the skin tone.


md:Tranex Retipeel Whitening cream visibly improves discolouration, evens out skin tone and reveals a bright, smooth and uniform complexion. This powerful multi-function cream accelerates the skin’s cell renewal process to revitalise the skin, removing pre-formed blemishes and promoting a healthy and youthful glow.


Rich in regenerating and anti-ageing ingredients, it dramatically reduces the appearance of wrinkles, rough complexion and enlarged pores, visibly improving skin elasticity and lifting, without disrupting the delicate skin barrier. Its antioxidant action reinforces the skin´s own defences from free radicals, preventing DNA damage caused by solar radiation and environmental stressors.


Clinically tested on all types of hyperpigmentation, md:Tranex Retipeel Whitening cream is the perfect home-care regimen to enhance and maintain the results achieved through professional depigmentation treatments md:Tranex Retipeel and md:complex melanoceuticals.





Tranexamic acid + Hexylresorcinol + Alpha Arbutin + Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate + Tocopheryl acetate + Butyrospermum Parkii Butter


Depigmentation Treatment, Home Care, md:cosmeceuticals